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Access Control Systems Guttenberg

Our team is well versed at installing access control systems ranging from code-based access, card-based access, and even biometric access control systems including fingerprint scanners!

Access control systems may utilize keypads with pin numbers, a magnetic card to swipe, or a fingerprint and/or retinal scan – and our team will seamlessly cover all installation and repair services.

When our access control experts arrive at your property, they will help assess your access points and recommend the ideal access control system that will tackle your unique security and access needs. Access Control System In Guttenberg installs access control systems at locations ranging from homes and repair properties to hospitals, government offices, factories, and much more.

Access control systems can ensure restricted and controlled access for your managed properties, allowing only authorized visitors to your premises, and greatly increasing your property’s security. Contact Access Control System In Guttenberg today for instant solutions for all of your access control system needs!

What are access control systems?

Access control systems help control which people can enter a building or authorized area through systems like password entry, key card entry, or key fob use. Access control systems can be remotely monitored, activated, and deactivated.

How Are Access Control Systems Installed in Guttenberg?

Access Control System In Guttenberg will consult with you to determine the specific needs of your property. We will provide you with full installation services for all components of your physical access control system including door switches, control panels, and card / fob systems. Control panels can control all the different access points of the access control system – and control panels can be added as your property and access control needs grow.

Do access control systems monitor users?

Access control system servers will keep your users in a database that logs access times users, and locations. When a key card, fob, or password is input in the rader, the controller reads the frequency and the user is verified for entry by the database – unlocking the door. If the code or frequency is unverified, the access control monitor will mark the breach.

Do Access Control Systems Work When the Power Is Out?

Yes, access control systems with battery backups (for these exact emergencies) will continue to function even in a power outage. However, if the power remains out for so long that the battery backup runs out, you will need to utilize physical keys. Many access control systems accommodate for this risk allowing physical keys to be used.

Does the System Just Work on Doors?

Access control systems can be fit to operate all types of entrances and exits including elevators, parking areas, gates, garage doors, and even vehicles. Access Control System In Guttenberg can help integrate your access control system with any and all aspects of your home or business.

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